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Compass Product Design Overview

Compass Dashboard presents shipping, production and other information in PowerPivot and in Google Earth.  These tools allow the analyst or manager to quickly sort, sum, filter, color code, or even map the transaction data being collected.  Pre-programmed dashboards provide operational information so line managers can see how the company is performing so far today, in delivery performance, production or other areas.  Strategic information for budgeting, marketing or production planning is also available.

Read more about Compass Dashboard here.

Greycoat's Compass PIPE software will run non-stop in environments where Internet connections are intermittent or even unavailable. Pipe is a message queue server product that moves transactions as they are captured in peripheral systems to a central database, and also in the opposite direction.  Pipe has been used to connect products which store data in Microsoft SQL Server, Access, Postgres, flat files, mySQL, IBM Universe and also with products like SAP, INFOR, WINTIK and CONAC Pivot.

PIPE runs unattended, preserves sequence of posting, and guarantees delivery and posting on the target system.

Greycoat's SHIP Invoicing and Compass Quotation programs are special purpose back office systems oriented to the materials industry. Call if you would like further information.

Greycoat's Compass Inventory provides real-time perpetual inventory records using the same database which support Compass Dashboard.  Compass Inventory is currently in development.