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The Vision

Think about a time that your team made a poor decision because you could not obtain trustworthy information in time.

How did the decision affect your organization?

- Did you miss a good opportunity?
- Did your company lose money or reputation?
- Did the poor decision hinder your career or personal standing within the company?

Leaders make tough decisions with incomplete, ambiguous information. But with hard data and facts, decisions are less subjective and have more predictable outcomes.

How would it affect your bottom line and team dynamics if you were able to make more objective decisions but without sacrificing the speed with which the decision is made?

Greycoat Software offers an integrated decision analytics solution for specific industries that we call Compass. Our various Compass modules have one objective — helping clients to respond rapidly to changing business requirements, with numbers they can count on.

Our focus is on industries that are geographically dispersed, especially the resource, materials and construction industries.  Our software is designed to deal with the unique problems that these industries present, in data gathering, and in analysis.

Our strategic and operational dashboard templates work out of the box to provide key metrics for these industries, and we use only name-brand tools such as Power Pivot for Microsoft Excel and Google Earth to perform and display these analyses.  One key advantage is that your own staff or managers can easily extend the metrics we provide, or perform 'ad hoc' analysis.  Of course, we're always happy to do this work as well, but you are not locked in with one vendor because of an esoteric tool.

We have had success implementing these tools at many major corporations operating in our target market including divisions of Lafarge, Holcim, Aecon, St. Mary's Cement and Old Castle.

The best analytical tools will not work if the baseline data is not gathered reliably, or if there are delays in its presentation. In today's corporate environment the data that is required often exists in departmental databases, or is gathered and stored within automated equipment, much of which is far afield. The hub of Compass software is our PIPE program which works with existing process control equipment and packaged software.  More vendors are being added every day.  PIPE can also be programmed to gather data from your proprietary database information, within your main office or in the field.   PIPE moves data reliably and immediately, in real time. The PIPE method is so much better than importing and exporting, which is definitely not immediate, and often unreliable.

We are also having increasing success using content management software together with mapping tools and using conventional PCs and mobile devices to deploy web based solutions for activity control management, and to build information repositories.

Greycoat can get you started with a packaged solution, and provide ongoing development and support resources to tailor a Business Intelligence system that meets your needs and stays within your budget.

As a result, your company's managers and employees can make better decisions faster because they have timely, accurate, and reliable information that they can use with confidence.

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