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Compass Dashboard

  • is a strategic and operational real-time reporting system, incorporating the latest advances in data mining and presentation technology.
  • enables tighter control and oversight for operations managers by displaying to-the-minute delivery and production information.
  • facilitates advanced financial planning and budgeting through its drill down and filtering capabilities.
  • utilizes business intelligence presentation technology from Microsoft and map based programs from Google (with Compass GEO) to interpret results quickly.
  • connects with Greycoat Pipe, our robust messaging system, in order to collect source data from field operations in real time.


Basic Indicators

    Measurement Bases

    • Tonnes or Tonnage Shipped
    • Ton-Miles Hauled
    • Trucking Cost per Ton-Mile
    • Average Material Price per Tonne
    • Load Count
    • Percentage over/under Budget
    • Percentage over/under Contract
    • Daily shipping average
    • Truck Cycle Time
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Year to
      Date and Custom Date Ranges
    • Product, Product Class, G/L
      or Budget Class
    • Customer, Region, Salesperson,
      Job Site, Zone
    • Plant Location or Pit



    Ability to drill down Summary can be viewed, and source of anomalies can be determined quickly
    Button selectors Filters relating to a specific location, customer or product are available at the push of a button. 
    Map based paradigm Operational data, such as shipments by the hour, lend themselves to display on a map.  
    Colour coding  Out of range information, indicating problems, are foregrounded instantly without having to scan the numbers. 
    Geo coding of job sites Truck cycle times, quote accuracy and even advertising efficacy can be analyzed.