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    Scale-House Integration Program (SHIP)

    SHIP is Greycoat’s newest module for the Compass suite. SHIP is a full service ticketing program built to simplify & streamline scale-house procedures. Business office integration means important updates are immediately reflected, reports are instantly available, and the scale-house operator has detailed truck assignment & management.


    • All-in-one Integration

    As a powerful standalone program, or as a module in the Compass software suite, the Scale-House Integration Program (SHIP) empowers the operator.

    With detailed truck dispatch & order management including trucking assignments, truck scheduling, vehicle weights, driver information, customer data, job site delivery tally, and product details, SHIP is a comprehensive solution.

    SHIP main screen with fileds popluated with example data

    • Instant Results

    A close up of the "weight" section of the SHIP mainscreen.  The red highlight in the "total" box indicates the truck is overloaded.

    Instantly weigh trucks and store their tare values. Ensure regulatory compliance with colour coded, weigh-outs.

    • Quick Processing

    Designed to efficiently process trucks through the yard, scale-house operators quickly progress through a ticket with the keyboard.

    Intuitive searching leads to fast data input. Just start typing, press F1 and key down to the correct entry to auto-fill related fields.

    The SHIP search drop down dialog.

    • End-of-day Ease

    Batch submit success notification after an end-of-day process.


    Quickly and Securely transmit all completed tickets from scale-houses to the business office at the end-of-day in a few clicks, with instant notification on success.*

    Batches of tickets are submitted by the selected date.

    *(Where Internet connections permit, tickets are uploaded to the office in real time, and can be viewed to provide office assistance to the scalehouse.)

    • Other Features and Benefits

    Pre-assign trucks

    Scale-house operators can fill the job, customer, and product information on a ticket with 2 keyboard strokes, facilitating quick weigh-outs.

    All locations linked to the business office in real-time

    Easily add and update customer, job, product, and trucking data at all your scale-houses (where internet connections permit). Consolidate tickets from all locations into a single invoice run.

    Tamper-resistant ticketing

    Changes to tickets are logged and submitted tickets are locked from editing

    Have multiple tickets open simultaneously

    Quick processing times for trucks as a ticket can be started as soon as a truck enters the lot, and be “parked” until the truck is ready to weigh-out.

    Quick access to view all tickets

    The sortable “ticket listing” function means past tickets can be effortlessly reviewed and reprinted as necessary.

    Generate reports with up-to-the-minute data

    From the business office or the scale-house, get detailed updated reports about products, pits, customers, and trucking.

    Maintain truck & trucker info

    Maintain truck and driver information as required, right from the scale-house.

    Apply barcodes to customers and job-sites

    Meet regulatory requirements with Barcoding on tickets.

    Manage automatic levy, tax, and surcharge calculations

    Based on customer profile, taxes & fees are applied automatically to each ticket. Uncomplicated to add second product charges and flat-rate trucking fees.

    Integration with the
    Compass software suite

    Maximize SHIP’s utility with full integration in the Compass suite including order management, job quotation, inventory, invoicing, and dashboard based analytics.

    Review transactions & generate invoices & trucker statements.

    Reduce billing time with intuitive invoice and trucker statement generation. Export data into Microsoft Excel or as a PDF for e-mail based invoices.

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