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Greycoat Software has been working with heavy materials and construction companies, mainly in Canada, for the past 25 years. In 2011, we decided to refocus our legacy software platform around the analytics and business intelligence functions we had already been providing as custom solutions for some of our clients in the preceding five years.

In implementing this kind of software, we have found that the greatest challenges in our target market revolve around collecting data from multiple shipping and field locations, processing, checking and balancing the data in a timely fashion, and giving mid-level managers the numbers they depend on in a timely and consistent fashion.

Operations managers do not need and cannot analyze a lot of numbers, but they need a few solid KPIs, available every single day, up to date, and on time.

Operations managers in materials and construction need solid and timely data in order to meet schedules and to deploy resources effectively and profitably, whether that consists of bringing in material, equipment and labour, or increasing or decreasing equipment throughput. Operations managers typically do not need and cannot analyze a lot of numbers, but they need a few solid KPIs, available dependably, every day, and on time, typically before the start of each work day.


We have found that even those operations that do provide their managers with timely, solid KPI data often require an undue amount of data entry, uploading, balancing, and importing and exporting to manage their performance reporting system.  All of these add points of failure and delay to the reporting system.

The COMPASS software suite from Greycoat Software not only provides the business and analytical models required for the materials industry, but also provides the collection and balancing tools to provide these numbers in real-time, properly balanced and without requiring costly and error-prone, consolidation, uploading, downloading and keyboard entry of data.

COMPASS also provides a full set of analytics for budgeting and medium to long term planning.  Leaders can make decisions based on hard data and facts, instead of a gut feel using incomplete, ambiguous information.  The end result is fewer missed sales opportunities, increased profitability and and enhanced service reputation for the business and for its employees.

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