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COMPASS: The Product

We have had success implementing Analytics software at many major corporations operating in our target market including divisions of Lafarge, Holcim, Aecon and Old Castle and at TOARC.

The next challenge was to integrate Accounting software and also software that runs in the field - shipping programs and Inventory modules.

We've mentioned that our product includes a variety of web-based presentation tools, content management software, or email of a daily scorecard, as well as graphs, maps and pivot tables offering drill down capabilities.

What truly differentiates our product offering is the effort we put into data collection and dissemination.

Well over a decade ago we began to develop a program, called PIPE, that could be used to gather source data reliably and unattended.  PIPE has been used in our legacy SHIP program to move millions of transactions accurately and completely unattended, and while the original PIPE program relied on modems, and less reliable equipment, we added Internet based protocols a decade or more ago.

A key benefit of PIPE is that you can run your key shipping and operations programs on a local PC with local data storage, while PIPE works in the background moving data between remote and central locations.  PIPE doesn't mind networks that go up and down, and remote sites that are prone to communications network failure or interruptions due to bad wireless reception.  PIPE will hold data and move it when a connection is available.

We've added PIPE interfaces for Accounting software such as SAP, for Userbase's WINTIK scalehouse program, and for Astec's Weigh Master program.

In addition we are updating our Invoicing and Inventory modules to be fully .NET compatible and with PIPE integration and batch control.

Read on to understand the kinds of challenges solved by PIPE.