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Call Us Today!

While we definitely welcome large comprehensive project proposals, the reality is that most client encounters do not begin in this way.

Many of our existing long term client relationships began with a conversation and a challenge around a single problem or program.

Try us out on a pressing problem or project to see what we can offer.  Perhaps all we will offer is guidance or advice; it never hurts to call.

With strained business development budgets we recognize that it's important to focus on key issues, and best return on technology investment, all the while considering the overall technology architecture.

Greycoat Software has a long, proven track record of bringing up highly usable software systems.  We have software still in the field after a service life of over 20 years; software that we keep moving forward.

We can provide a no obligation, no cost initial consultation and discussion that will be well worth your effort. Call Greycoat Software today at 519-746-6666.

If you're interested in more information about our flagship product, COMPASS, please keep reading, starting with COMPASS: The Vision.