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Greycoat PIPE: Problem solved

Perhaps you're encountering some of the issues we've already solved using PIPE as a data collection network.

Outside of your core ERP or Accounting software, you may be using satellite systems that do not integrate well to your analytical database, because they use a different file system, or the data exists in a proprietary format.  We use PIPE, and in some cases, our scripted import-export tool to harvest data in non-compatible or proprietary formats, and to keep systems in sync in real-time. 

Or, you may have various custom programs or legacy systems that are difficult to support or maintain. Again, we can use PIPE to extract data from such programs continuously in real-time, sometimes into a parallel data warehouse providing all the latest analytical tools.

If your analytical system requires manual submission of data, or relies on importing and exporting from one system to another, you have a weak link that can introduce delays and create reliability issues.  We can use PIPE in these situations to create a real-time data interface or data collection program.  The system continues to work when one or more of the people responsible for submitting daily results takes a vacation or phone in ill, or simply forget or make errors in submitting data. In addition, PIPE's internal numerical control system never drops a transaction, and never double posts, both significant vulnerabilities in importing and exporting of data.

Our PIPE-based application modules contain internal controls and balancing procedures that ensure you don't lose a dollar in billings or shipments.  And balancing between reporting and satellite systems is greatly simplified with our software designs.

We're also adding interfaces to software such as Astec Weigh Master and Userbase WINTIK, and to ERP software such as SAP. Again, the key point is that these are not import/export interfaces, but interfaces that operate in real-time.  As you ship across a dozen locations using Userbase's WINTIK or another delivery ticketing program, your COMPASS analytical database is updated in real time.

PIPE is also well-positioned to handled the next challenge in data collection.  This is the 'Internet of things'.  We plan to add automatic, real time data collection from the equipment being utilized in your operations, and will be making further announcements in this area.

Greycoat can get you started with a packaged solution, and provide ongoing development and support resources to tailor a Business Intelligence system that meets your needs and stays within your budget.

As a result, your company's managers and employees can make better decisions faster because they have timely, accurate, and reliable information that they can use with confidence.

Please call now. Operators are standing by; well not really, we're all busy expanding and improving the COMPASS platform for our clients, but we eagerly await your call.  Your problems are interesting challenges to us.