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    Augment your workplace safety program with WorkSafeLive.

    In collaboration with an industry partner, Greycoat Software has been busy developing "WorkSafeLive", an on-location task specific safety review and reporting application for smartphones and tablets.
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    Through a year of brainstorming and development, this new software was built to help meet pre-task legal requirements, identify training gaps, and increase team consciousness and cohesion around safety issues. WorkSafeLive will also improve responses to unsafe conditions and facilitate easy reporting of hazards and near misses while on a job site.

    Our partner wanted to replace their in-house program which was created with a generic tool and was difficult to effectively manage.  By having an early focus on their experience with their current system and their existing safety culture, we were able able to build a solution from the ground-up that fit their specific needs while remaining flexible enough to scale and adapt as required. 

    Greycoat Software's founder Henry Slofstra explains, "WorkSafeLive is based on the philosophy of accident prevention and instilling workplace safety as a culture, rather than focusing solely on ‘after the fact’ investigations" (see Image 1).

    Applying the principal of the "The Forgetting Curve", we know that performing a safety review just before a task increases safety awareness and when that review is repeated over time it builds the percentage of information retained.  Slofstra contends "our mobile technology is a perfect tool to help straighten the forgetting curve".

    WorkSafeLive - Script Selection
    Image 1: WorkSafeLive Targets the bottom tier of "Bird's Triangle", the behaviours and conditions that to injuries.

    With all these ideas, lessons, and principles informing our design, we are proud of our initial release of WorkSafeLive - a simple to deploy, easy to use, and uncomplicated to administer tool for adding immediate traction to any workplace safety program.

    From any tablet or smartphone, a worker can review available safety forms before performing a unlock task (see Images 2 & 3). These safety forms "bring regulations alive" through interaction and facilitate staying compliant and safe in real-time. Workers can also use the application for reporting of unsafe conditions or on-site anomalies, including uploading images.

    Recognizing the realities of working in varied terrain outdoors, the mobile app is menu driven with large fonts and distinct buttons for large or dirty fingers.

    WorkSafeLive - Script Selection
    Image 2: From the available list, select the appropriate form for the unlock task.
    WorkSafeLive - Yes/No Form
    Image 3: Answer questions as they are presented & submit the form.

    With the mobile app being half the program, the other half is a web-based administrators dashboard, where safety managers, system administrators, and shift supervisors have worldwide access to the software. It is within the dashboard that workers are granted access to safety scripts and program features, safety scripts can be created and edited, completed safety-forms and uploaded images can be reviewed, and reports can be generated with up-to-the-minute data for analysis.

    WorkSafeLive Screenshot Piechart
    Image 4: A screenshot from an interactive report created on the"administrators dashboard" which facilitates analysis of the data gathered.

    Using the pragmatic analytics from the administrators dashboard (see Image 4), safety officers will be able to suggest modifications to plans and procedures to further reduce injuries and incidents.

    The analysis and feedback loop (see Image 5) is further strengthened by tools to alert supervisors of unsafe conditions in real-time so immediate  intervention is possible.

    With all the pieces working together, the WorkSafeLive software will help improve responses to unsafe working conditions, increase institutional safety awareness and culture, and reduce complexity in deploying a comprehensive safety program.


    In the lead-up to the launch of WorkSafeLive, Greycoat Software's Henry Slofstra and Ryan Anderson went to the 2019 Ontario Sand, Stone, and Gravel Association's "Operations, Health, and Safety" seminar and presented a talk entitled "Augmenting your safety program with technology" . The focus of the presentation was to highlight the advantages of leveraging technology, such as mobile safety apps, to help build and maintain a strong safety culture in any workplace, no matter the task or location.

    WorkSafeLive - Feedback Loop
    Image 5: Data flow and feedback and analysis loop for mobile safety program.

    Among the many advantages of WorkSafeLive that we discuss, we do stress that technology and software are only a piece of a comprehensive safety program, not a replacement or an all-in-one solution. Accordingly, WorkSafeLive is not meant to replace real-life safety advisors, however, exceeding workplace safety goals will be made easier through utilizing technology to augment safety programs.

    In the spring we will be publicly releasing WorkSafeLive and seeking to work with additional companies to help them reach their safety program goals. If you would like to test WorkSafeLive, preview new features, or see a product demonstration, please contact Greycoat Software.


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