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    Greycoat Software presents to the "Operations, Health, and Safety" seminar.

    Focusing on the benefits using of current technology to amplify workplace safety programs, Greycoat Software's presentation was well received at #OPHS2019.

    With the wind and snow howling outside the building, Greycoat received a warm welcome at the OSSGA "Operations, Health, and Safety seminar" on January 24th in Mississauga.  The presentation, by Greycoat's Henry Slofstra and Ryan Anderson was titled "Augmenting your safety program with technology", and according to Slofstra "we highlighted advantages of using technology, such as mobile phones and tablets to reinforce a strong safety culture in any workplace, no matter what the task."

    Birds Triangle
    Image 1: "Birds Triangle" Illustrating the patterns in severity and volume of workplace incidents .


    Building software for aggregate and construction operations for 3 decades has led to many strong connections and collaborations for Greycoat Software, and a long-term clients engaged the company to provide a mobile application for task specific safety review and reporting. "With the idea of reducing and eliminating workplace injuries," Slofstra said, "we wanted to focus on the unsafe acts, behaviours, and conditions that lead to those injuries" (see Image 1: Birds Triangle).


    Henry Slofstra presenting at OSSGA's "Operations, health and safety seminar".
    Image 2: Henry Slofstra Presenting on "Augmenting your safety program with technology" at OSSGA's #OPHS2019.


    The presentation explained the process of improving existing safety programs in various ways. For example, workers can review a safety-check list on their phone or tablet before performing an "unlock task" (see image 3 & 4).

    The worker could also use the application for reporting of unsafe conditions or on-site anomalies, including uploading images.  Slofstra explained "A supervisor could immediately be notified of any reports and can intervene in any possible unsafe situation".

    WorkSafeLive - Script Selection
    Image 3: From the available list, select the appropriate form for "lock removal".
    WorkSafeLive - Yes/No Form
    Image 4: Answer questions as they are presented & submit the form to unlock the equipment.

    On the administrators' side of the software, safety managers create the safety scripts, and can review completed check-lists and reports for analysis with the integrated dashboard. Slofstra added "With the analytics from the administrators dashboard, safety officers will be able to suggest modifications to plans and procedures to further reduce injuries and incidents."

    In the presentation and on the Greycoat Software twitter feed, Slofstra made clear that technology and software are only a piece of a comprehensive safety program, not a replacement or an all-in-one solution, saying "While we do not seek to replace real-life safety advisors, we do think that exceeding workplace safety goals will be made easier through utilizing technology to augment safety programs".


    As the OPHS presentation wrapped up, Slofstra thanked the hosts for opening the space for Greycoat's presentation, and he summarized several of the main benefits of using such technology in a safety program:

    • Increased safety awareness,
    • improved response to unsafe conditions,
    • team cohesion around safety issues & culture,
    • less paper,
    • useful data presented in a simple format,
    • pragmatic analytics on near misses, behaviours, & conditions’.

    The OPHS is an annual event hosted by the Ontario Stone, Sand, and Gravel Association and brings together aggregate companies to focus on health and safety of their operations including new legislation, useful approaches, and emergent technologies.


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