Software and Solutions for the Construction Materials and Aggregate Industries

    Construction Materials Software

    Compass is Greycoat's flagship line of software for the heavy materials, construction, and aggregate industries.

    The Compass suite is Greycoat’s flagship line of software for the construction and heavy materials industries, encompassing a wide range of programs geared to streamline your operations.

    Whether you need an out-of-the-box program or a tailored solution for Scale house operations, Order Management, Invoicing, Trucker Statements, Inventory, Business Intelligence, Geo-analysis, Quotation, or Data Transmission between the scale-house and the business office, Compass can be implemented as a complete suite or on a per-module basis that perfectly fits your needs.

    The 8 Modules of the Compass Suite:

    Scale House Integration Program (SHIP)

    Greycoat’s newest module for the Compass suite, SHIP, is a full service ticketing program built to simplify & streamline scale-house procedures. 

    Click here for more information about Greycoat's Compass Scale House Integration Program

    Main screen of the SHIP software with information populating the fields.


    Inventory has advanced features including real-time processing and reporting, hand-count management, transaction tracking, part/product management and product mix management.

    Click here for more information about Greycoat 's Compass Inventory


    Order Management

    Order Management is designed to organise orders for error-free processing and dispatch. This software tracks orders, productions requirements and deliveries (detailed Dispatch control for truck and delivery scheduling).

    Click here for more information about Greycoat's Compass Order Management

    Order Dispatch sm


    Compass Invoicing is an advanced solution for construction materials and aggregate operations which integrates job quoting, tax and fee calculations, customer invoicing, and trucking statement generation, into one powerful tool.

    Click here for more information about Greycoat's Compass Invoicing

    A block diagram illustrating the interconnectivity of the Invoicing module in the Compass suite.


    Compass Dashboard provides real-time operational control and strategic planning support for heavy materials producers using Google Earth and Microsoft PowerPivot.

    Click here for more information about Greycoat's Compass Dashboard

    A screen shot from Greycoat's Business Intelligence and Analytics module (Dashboard) from the Compass suite of software.


    Compass GEO provides a number of Google Earth based capabilities including delivery quotation lookup, multiple depot optimization and real time delivery analysis.

    Click here for more information about Greycoat's Compass GEO

    A screenshot from GEO


    Compass Quotation will produce professional, comprehensive quotes for delivery of heavy materials, and has all the features you need. Designed for the materials industry, by the materials industry.

    Click here for more information about Greycoat's Compass Quotation

    A screen shot from the Quotation module from Greycoat's Compass suite of software


    Greycoat Pipe is a real-time data transfer tool used to integrate software running in remote locations with computers at business offices.

    Pipe's design ensures all data is accurately and securely delivered, regardless of the speed of your internet connection.

    Click here for more information about Greycoat's Compass Pipe

    A block diagram showing how the Pipe module securly transfers information between physically separated computers
    For more on Compass, please visit our Details page and watch our 3 minute overview.
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