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    Inventory is Greycoat’s newest module in the Compass suite and written for the unique requirements of the heavy materials industry. Inventory’s advanced features include real-time processing and reporting, hand-count management, transaction tracking, part/product management and product mix management.


    • Advanced Features

    The Inventory Count feature facilitates manual stock taking with:
    unique product tag generation, count posting, and variance management.

    This tool automatically handles adjustments using real-time processing through the main Compass database.

    Determine the variance amount before posting the count.




    • Immediate Benefits


    Create detailed reports on key inventory metrics for all your divisions with the Inventory Reports tool. Get  up-to-the-minute data from each of your locations.

    Costed Transaction: Quantity, cost, and profits, broken down by transaction type, date, part/product type, and  location.

    Movement Report: Opening and closing balances of parts/products across locations for a specified date range.

    Transaction History: All inventory transactions, in defined date ranges and locations, for any product.



    • Detailed Control

    The Inventory Control tools are used to organize products and create inventory relationships between product parts, mixes, and lots.

    Mix Management: Control the origin location and composition ratios of each product in a mix.

    Part/Product Management: Cross-link products across company locations and organize products composed of the same material into different delivery options (bag, big-bag, truckload).

    Lot Management: Classify similar products by specific details (year, colour, manufacturer).




    • Comprehensive Tracking


    Track every movement of materials with the Transaction Entry tool. Review and adjust past transactions.

    Quickly & easily import batches of transactions from other Compass modules or external programs. Add and edit single transactions manually.



    • Analytical Intelligence

    As a module of Compass, Inventory is integrated with the analytical dashboards, providing another important fiscal indicator for your operations


    A screen shot from Greycoat's Business Intelligence and Analytics module (Dashboard) from the Compass suite of software.


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