Greycoat Software has a small team of dedicated programmers who work directly with our customers to produce optimal results. For nearly 3 decades, we have built, refined and customized our software for the unique needs of the construction materials producers.

Greycoat Software Works For You

We determine if and how your company can benefit through our products and services with a gap analysis and ensure all solutions are properly installed through detailed implementation plans.

With a fixed quote and our well-refined project management methodology, you will get everything you need, without any hidden costs or time-draining surprises.

Technical Support and Product Maintenance

Greycoat Software’s developers offer direct support and ongoing product maintenance for all of our products. You can call us and speak directly with the people who will provide the service.

Product Sourcing and Custom Software Integration

Do you already have a partial software solution for your operation? Greycoat can seamlessly integrate your existing software into our modules to build a (more) complete package.

We source, integrate, and work with Batch Mixing software (such as Astec Weightmate), Unattended Scale systems, Fleet Management software, Job Costing programs (SAP), online ordering platforms (WordPress, Drupal, Plone, custom web), Document Processing (Optical Character Recognition), and Remote Tablet Capture (including integrating data captured through drones).

On-Site and Remote Training

In-person or over the phone, our team will make sure you will maximize the benefits of our software.

Mapping and GIS Analysis.

Greycoat Software’s GIS and mapping division provides map based solutions to geographic and logistical barriers.

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