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Compass Quotation will produce professional, comprehensive quotes for the supply and delivery of construction materials.

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Quotation entry.

The quotation entry program (shown) has features to search and display existing quotes, and copy older quotes to begin a new quote.

Quotes can be prepared for existing accounts or for new prospects.  New prospects do not need to have customer account records set up.

Features are provided to help geo-locate jobs using Google Maps to assist. 

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Product and pricing detail.

Product and pricing detail can be developed using price lists, zone haulage tables (if present) and delivery prices can be varied by truck type.  Amount to be paid to trucker can be specified at this point.

Printing quotes.

The program produces a professional quality quotation that can be emailed directly to customer contact with a button push, or printed.  Office copies with an extra level of detail can be produced, and multiple versions of the quote are available depending on whether gross prices or a product/ delivery price breakdown is desired.

Quotation approval.

Workflow can be set up to require managerial approval of all issued quotes. 

If the business is won, then the quote information is transferred to the Job Site/ Ship To table, to allow shipping and other functions.

Blanket order management.

Blanket order management is optionally available using the quotation as a basis for the blanket order.  This is used where quotations are won for large, complex projects, and there are releases triggered by opening of successive project stages.  Delivery and production orders can be launched from the blanket order as well.